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Fine Tune For Highest Signal Level

First, and most important, confirm that you're on the correct satellite. Use the Receiver's Signal Meter screen to confirm that you have, for example, ExpressVu; and not EchoStar.

Select Transponder 11 (a nice mid point) to measure signal strength. Make small adjustments to vertical for maximum signal strength. Now, make small adjustments to horizontal for maximum signal strength. Now, repeat these two steps again. What have you got - about 80%? Not bad. Take a look at some of the other transponders - you'll see some minor fluctuations on most and a few transponders will be zero - all normal. Now you're ready for the downloading.

Select "Continue" from the screen and follow the prompts to download software into your
new receiver. (This takes about 5 minutes). That's it - you are ready to Activate.


Activating your programming

You may notice that your receiver starts with an error - "not authorized for programming". Well, other than a news channel and an ExpressVu barker channel, there is no other programming available on your receiver yet.

Turn off the receiver and hit the "info" button on the remote. You should see a screen with model and serial numbers. You will need to provide some of these numbers to Customer Service. Call 1-888-759-3474 to set up your account and PIN number and within an hour or less, you'll have hundreds of channels to enjoy.

In the first month or so, you'll likely enjoy some free programming - take advantage of it and spend some time looking that some of the new channels you've just set up.

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