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Having a Satellite Dish Installed?
Here are some important considerations:

  1. Before anything is done, you must decide
    where you want the dish to be mounted. First,
    the installer will do a survey to determine where the satellite is relative to your location. Then he will give you the choices of locations. As well, he will want to limit the exposure to the elements and "hide" the dish from view as much as possible. At no time, though, will he compromise performance of the dish.
  2. The second concern you should have is the route the cable must take to reach the receiver and TV.
  3. Next to think about - where is the nearest telephone jack? (Pay-Per-View billing is uploaded to head office by telephone) Would it be a cleaner job to install a phone jack near the receiver?
  4. Do you want to record Dish programs with your VCR or other recording device?
  5. Do you want to have Dish audio available through your stereo or surround sound receiver? Is you're A/V receiver able to process video inputs & outputs? S-Video inputs & outputs? Does your VCR have LINE inputs (Mono or Stereo) or S-Video?
  6. You may want to consider pre-wiring for a
    future second receiver or second location
    for the initial receiver. This can include
    telephone jacks too.
  7. Have a spare dish installed at the
    cottage - and take your
    city receiver with you.

Take the Tutorial for some pointers on installing your own Satellite Dish. (If you get stuck, we'll answer E-mail or telephone questions for free.) Of course, we'll come out on a service call, should you need our help. We bill for time and materials; and travel beyond 50 km. from our shop in Mississauga.

New to satellite channels? Want to know what the new digital channels are? They're all listed in a printable-friendly Channel listing on two pages.

Use the Aim Calculator to discover azimuth and elevation settings for any satellite and any location. Many cities are listed, but other locations can be calculated if you know the longitude and latitude. Who knows where the RV enthusiast might travel.

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The PhotoTour highlights different sites and different types of wiring jobs weekly. These are jobs from many parts of Canada and some go far beyond cable for a residential dish. Have a look at this weeks tour - Anti Theft devices at a movie rental store...


We are based in Mississauga and provide quality installation services. We also provide support by phone or by E-mail to any D.I.Y. Installer.

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