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Finally, A Word on Programming

OK, now, you're seeing channels above 100
up to 900. "Where will I find channel 7...?" Well, that was simply a channel number the station used to broadcast in the days of TV antennas or the number assigned by your local cable company. Similarly, the satellite company assigns (yet again a different) number to each station. You'll find all the channels grouped together - as Canadian networks, as American networks, as sports networks and movie channels and music channels. These groups will soon enough become familiar to you as will your favorite local news channel. In the coming days and weeks, you'll get used to these new numbers.

At first it may be overwhelming or confusing, but in time, you'll master the many channels and features of your new Satellite receiver.


A Current Channel List for Mississauga

So many choices and so many packages. A list based on receivers in Mississauga, this will help you discover what's on the over 240 channels. Look at the new channels and see where they fit in. Go see the Channel List and from there, you can go to a printer-friendly two page version.

Moving to a new home?

Leave your installed dish behind and get a new one FREE for your new home. As well, get a discount on professional installation of your new dish at your new home if you wish.

Finally, Add your vote to the Install Poll and see the results too.

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