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3 Tutorial

Mount the mast in a VERTICAL position

How to Level the Mounting Arm - Click to Enlarge.
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It is critical that the mount is level. A slight angle here can translate to being thousands of kilometres off course at 35,000 above the equator. The mount shown above is attached to a horizontal surface. It can also be attached to a vertical surface (a wall) or a sloped surface (a pitched roof).


Use a Pattern While Tuning the Dish.

When turning the dish to lock in on the
satellite signal, use a zig-zag pattern of movements. By doing this, you will not spend a lot of time scanning the dish over the same parts of the sky. Start with Elevation set a bit lower than the required Elevation. Starting from South West, slowly turn towards South East. After turning to dish (obviously) past the assigned Azimuth, (that's the "zig"), raise the dish elevation a tiny bit, and then swing back from West to East (That's the "zag").. This back and forth pattern will eventually come across the signal. Patience and tiny movements here will (eventually) put you on the mark.

To understand what you're looking for, have a look at the view of your house from where the satellite is.


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