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Having trouble with your computer and not sure why?
Do you want to do more with your existing machine,
but not sure how to do it? Not sure an upgrade is
worth it or not? We can provide you with sound advice
and assistance on all of your upgrade questions.

We can help with a whole variety of software and hardware
upgrades, including those listed here: --->

Upgrade Examples

Not sure what to do with an older computers? With a simple
$30 RAM upgrade and an Ethernet card, an older machine
can be turned into a a great kids Internet terminal.

Or if you have a newer machine (600 MHz or above) with the notorious Windows ME operating system, you may have a
candidate for an XP or Windows 2000 OS upgrade. Similarly,
if you have a Mac G3 or above you may want a OS X upgrade.

Or you may want specialized hardware - like a SCSI host
adapter, external/internal storage drive, a new DVD drive or
a high-end video card -- but are not sure it is worth installing
on a older or even newer machine. In each of these cases
we can provide valuable advice and assistance.

Or you may be buying a whole new machine, but need
your data and settings moved from your old machine to
your new machine.

We can help with these and a a whole variety of
other software and hardware upgrades.

Call for more information on these or
other upgrades.

  Hardware Upgrades
  • Memory

  • CPU

  • Networking Cards

  • Audio, Video, TV Tuner AGP or PCI Cards

  • CD and DVD Drives

  • Mass Storage Devices

  • SCSI Adapters

  • Tape Drives

  • Firewire(IEE 1394) Adapters

  • USB 2.0 Cards
Software Upgrades
  • Windows 2000 and Windows XP OS Upgrades

  • Mac OS X Upgrades (10.1 and 10.2)

  • Device Driver and Device Firmware Upgrades

    Digital Peripheral software
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