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Glenora -- Wireless (802.11a) Home Network

Leduc -- Wireless Home Network

Downtown Edmonton -- Wired Home Network

Morinville -- Office Network

St. Albert -- Wireless Home Office

Wireless 802.11a Home Network, Glenora

"I had Shaw cable service connected to a desktop computer and had bought a new laptop. I wanted to share the cable connection and bought the faster 802.11g wireless router at my local computer store. I spent two weekends trying to get the thing to work. The manufacturer's technical support line, when reachable, was not helpful and they actually suggested I might be better off finding someone locally to help me!

"I found ProInstall via a search engine and gave them a call. They gave me great advice about the equipment I should use and I made an appointment for the next evening. Within a couple of hours everything was up and running and has worked without a hitch since. I was very happy with the whole process and will certainly use their services again. "

Scott in Edmonton

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Wireless Home Network in Leduc

"I learned about ProInstall from a friend and setup an appointment with them to check out what was needed to share our Cable Modem connection so my kids and I could share the Internet. They recommended some RAM upgrades and installation of wireless 802.11g network. The installation was very smooth. All computers can now share a good HP printer we have and everyone can access our MP3 file collection. The kids no longer fight for access to the Internet and I can use my laptop all around the house.

"A few months after the installation we bought a new printer, and the technical support was excellent. With one phone call, they helped me install it and share it on the network. I was very impressed. The network has worked flawlessly and I don't know how I lived without it before."

Richard in Leduc

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Wired Home Network, Edmonton

During the renovation of our apartment we had Ethernet wires installed behind the walls and needed assistance in setting up a DSL line and networking four computers in our home. We had been using dial-up to Telus and had had some contention over the use of the phone line as well as dissatisfaction with the dial-up process and attendant limited bandwidth.

We hired ProInstall to get our home network running. They did a complete installation, including testing and finishing the Ethernet cable installation, for the Ethernet lines that had previously been installed had not been fully connected by the installer. ProInstall took care of DSL setup withTelus, which was particularly useful since Telus would not offer support for local networks working through routers. ProInstall also took care of a hub installation inside our system, the computer configuration for four computers on our network and the installation of a shared printer/fax. PorInstall also assisted in obtaining multiple email accounts for the DSL line. To help smooth the changeover to the new service provider, ProInstall configured MSN for our LAN so our children could better phase out some of their MSN contacts.

We were very pleased with the job and the professionalism of the installation.

Possibly more important than the initial installation was the follow-up support provided by ProInstall. On multiple occasions we encountered difficulties with the DSL service (terrific when it is up and running properly, and a misery when it is down). In some instances, the DSL service provider, Microsoft and the router company were working out bugs they did not realize existed. ProInstall was always available to troubleshoot the problem and get things going again.

Paul in Downtown Edmonton

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Office Network in Morinville

Before we hired ProInstall we had eight computers in two offices and were not using them very effectively. We had one AOL dial-up email account for both offices and used floppy disks to move files around. ProInstall wired both offices for Ethernet, assisted us with specifying a new computer, networked both offices and installed broadband. They also set up an email system with our own domain name which allows great inter-office communication and establishes our identity to our customers. For inter-office communication, they setup a Virtual Private Network between our two offices, which allows us to easily communicate and move our files. Recently ProInstall also designed an attractive website for us and we are already getting calls from new clients!

"We have been very happy with everything and especially the support. They have always been very responsive and we especially like the remote assistance they provide - saving everyone time and money."

Joanne in Morinville

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Wireless Home Office in St. Albert

"We own a small business and had one computer hooked up to ADSL but had two other stand-alone computers, one desktop and one laptop. We also wanted to upgrade the OS on one of the computers and to buy a print server. We saw ProInstall ad in theSUN newspaper and setup an appointment. They did a great job networking everything together --- we now have Internet access and email on our own machines and can share files and resources easily and quickly.

"They also helped us work out a back-up routine between our machines including how to backup critical files to CD ROM discs; and they also setup a fax program using our analog modem to send paper-faxes directly from our computers.

"Overall we were very happy with the job and it has helped our business operations tremendously."

Marshall in St. Albert

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